Frequently Asked Questions

Do I actually need to skip lunch to participate in Skip Lunch Fight Hunger?

Only if you really want to. The goal of Skip Lunch Fight Hunger is to bring together thousands of New Yorkers who each donate a small amount – what they normally spend on lunch – to City Harvest to help us feed thousands of New York City kids and their families. The campaign highlights the idea that we can each take a small action, and when many people take the same small action, we can have a big impact. While we don’t encourage anyone to skip eating lunch, many participants find it effective to use the money they would usually spend on lunch as a benchmark for their donation to Skip Lunch Fight Hunger. Others choose to “skip” their normal lunch by organizing a potluck or a company pizza party.


I want to start a team but I’ve never led a fundraising team before. How do I start?

Our online fundraising platform makes becoming a team captain simple! Just sign up to start a team here and share the link to your team page with family, friends and colleagues, encouraging them to donate to help fight child hunger in New York City. Our digital toolkit is a great resource with information on hunger in New York City as well as fundraising tips and tools. Our staff is available to work with you to brainstorm ideas to help power your team’s success! Feel free to email us at or call us at 646.412.0637 with additional questions.


Once I have formed a team, how do I get my family, friends and colleagues to donate?

Spread the word about the issue of child hunger in New York City and Skip Lunch Fight Hunger via email, utilizing the language and imagery provided in the toolkit.  You might also want to include a message with a link to your fundraising page on your work and personal emails. Use your fundraising page to tell a personal story about the cause and why you’re supporting it. Be specific.

Share your participation through social media, tagging City Harvest and using #SkipLunchFightHunger. This is made even easier when you connect your fundraising page to your Facebook or Twitter account.

If you’re running the campaign in an office, try creating a friendly competition among departments, floors, or divisions.


Do you accept matching gifts?

Yes! Find out if your company or organization has a matching gift program—these types of gifts motivate campaign donors and are a great way to encourage coworkers to give more and dramatically increase your impact!  Remember to promote matching gifts on your team page to remind your supporters that they can make their gift go further by having it matched. If your company has such a program you should be able to set it up with your HR department.


I want to be involved in Skip Lunch Fight Hunger without being part of a team. What do I do?

Lots of New Yorkers get involved with Skip Lunch Fight Hunger every year! You can still create a personal team page and solicit friends and family for donations without involving your company or organization. You can also always make a general donation to Skip Lunch Fight Hunger by clicking General Donation.


How do I know how to set an appropriate fundraising goal?

Setting a goal is the first step in any fundraising campaign. It is important to strive for a goal that is ambitious, but still feels realistic for you. Consider how many people you are going to solicit for donations, and try to break it down like this:

  • If 70 people give $15 and 29 people give $50, we’ll raise $2,500 and help feed 10,000 hungry New Yorkers
  • If 200 people give $20, and my company agrees to match, we’ll raise $8,000 and help feed 32,000 hungry New Yorkers
  • If 300 people give just $10, 100 people give $40, and my company agrees to match, we’ll raise $14,000 and help feed 56,000 hungry New Yorkers

Keep in mind that there are always people who will surprise you with their generosity, and help you reach your goal even faster.

Did you know? The top 25 fundraising teams will be recognized in a full-page Thank You ad, and the top 5 teams will be featured on a specially-branded Skip Lunch Fight Hunger City Harvest food rescue truck for one year!


If you are forming a team at your company:


Is the involvement of senior management necessary?

No, but we find that the support of senior management is a great way to grow awareness, enthusiasm and ultimately help your campaign raise even more money to help hungry children in New York City.

If you’re interested in engaging senior leadership at your company, the City Harvest team is here to help. We’re happy to brainstorm with you about how you can make it happen.


My company has rules prohibiting donor solicitation and cannot support the initiative at a corporate level. Can we still participate in Skip Lunch Fight Hunger?

Yes. When support at the corporate level is not possible, we rely on the initiative of individual employees, like you, and/or departments who feel strongly about the cause. Several top performing teams from the past few years have run Skip Lunch Fight Hunger within their department or in even just in their cafeteria, rather than as a company-endorsed initiative and had great success! Please reach out to us at or 646.412.0637 and we would be happy to assist you.


Can I run Skip Lunch Fight Hunger if my company is already supporting other campaigns/causes?

Yes, Skip Lunch Fight Hunger can be entirely employee-driven. Without broader corporate support, the team captain(s) can use his/her judgment to identify a suitable day during the week, strategy, and specific departments or floors to engage for the campaign.


My team would like to raise money by collecting cash or checks in our office, as well as through online fundraising. How would that work?

Many teams decide to run their campaign with an offline, as well as an online component. Cash and check donations can be deposited at the end of the campaign at your local Citi bank, our official bank partner. Citi will make sure that the funds you raise for Skip Lunch Fight Hunger get to the right place. Special deposit slips and instructions are included in your captain kit, which you will receive when you sign up.


How does the money my team raises help City Harvest?

The money raised through Skip Lunch Fight Hunger will help keep our fleet of 22 trucks on the road day and night, rescuing food that would otherwise go to waste and delivering it to soup kitchens, food pantries and other community food programs across the city. Any time you spot one of our trucks, you’ll know that’s your support at work helping to feed hungry children and their families across New York City.


Have questions we haven’t answered here?

Please feel free to email us at or call 646.412.0637. We’re here and happy to help! Thank you for supporting City Harvest’s Skip Lunch Fight Hunger campaign.