Skip Lunch Fight Hunger 2018

Oath Making a Difference
Oath Making a Difference


We’re all about raising the bar at Oath. This year we’re adding a bit of friendly competition to our Skip Lunch Fight Hunger efforts with departments going head-to-head. Find your team (at the right) to help your department be the fundraising leader! There’s a big prize and serious bragging rights for the top team.

Team breakdown is as follows. Please click the team matching link to the right (under where it says TEAM ROSTER).----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>

Team 1: Field - Retail & QSR

Team 2: Field - CPG

Team 3: Field - Finance

Team 4: Field - Entertainment

Team 5: Field - Travel

Team 6: Field - Tech/Telco

Team 7: Midmarket

Team 8: Platform & Programmatic Sales

Team 9: Global Agency, Property Sales, Research

Team 10: Engineering, Product, Human Resources

Team 11: Biz Dev, Marketing & Communications, M&A

Team 12: Editorial, Studios, RYOT

Team 13: Finance, Legal, Operations

Team 14: Not otherwise classified & friends of Oath

This Spring, turn one lunch into a bunch. Did you know over 365,000 children in New York City face hunger? Help ensure that children and their families have enough nutritious food by supporting City Harvest's Skip Lunch Fight Hunger campaign.

The best part is since at Oath we all have FREE lunch, you don't actually have to skip when you make a donation. If you're feeling extra generous and donate $45 or more you'll get a voucher in June for a Pret a Manger sandwich too! That $45 will feed 25 kids for an entire week!!

Donate the cost of one $15 lunch and help feed 60 kids. A week of lunches - $75? Now you’re feeding 300 kids.

Together we can help feed New York City's children.

• $15 helps feed 60 children for a day

• $45 helps feed 25 children for a week

• $75 helps feed 21 children for 2 weeks

• $150 helps feed 19 children for an entire month

Join the Oath team to fight child hunger in New York City by selecting your team org and then “Donate Now” to make a tax-deductible contribution. Thank you.

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Click here to see if your company matches charitable donations and double your impact! Matching gifts will be counted toward the team total. 

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