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Knicks Film School is a community of Knicks fans looking to give back to the city we love. Rather than creating content about the Knicks in exchange for a subscription or fee, Knicks Film School provides all of their content for free, hoping that fans will pay it forward by giving any money they would have offered to the site to local charities instead.


Thirty-five years ago, City Harvest pioneered food rescue when a handful of New Yorkers stepped up to help our neighbors in need. Since then, they have rescued and delivered over 600 million pounds of food to feed New York City.

Today, more than 1.2 million New Yorkers, including one in five children, struggle to put meals on their tables. This year, City Harvest will collect 61 million pounds of excess food and deliver it free of charge to hundreds of soup kitchens, food pantries and other community food programs across the five boroughs. By redirecting this nutritious food from supermarkets, manufacturers, farmers markets, and restaurants to our neighbors in need, we can support our local communities and reduce the environmental impact of food that would otherwise go to waste.

Together, we can make a difference one day, one meal, and one person at a time. 

Every $1 will help feed 4 New Yorkers for a day.

$36 will help feed 20 children for a week!

By donating, you’ll help keep City Harvest’s trucks on the road and filled with nutritious food for our neighbors in need. 

Click “Donate Now” to make a tax-deductible contribution. Thank you for your kindness, compassion and support!

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